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   North Renous
by Craig

Well we finally got to run the bottom half of the river. Wow!!! what an awesome stretch of river. I even managed to hit a few (1000 or so) rocks. I still am not sure which bridge you found or what road you went off. Was it the LSW road? Anyway we drove 17km past bridge then in a woods road 5km.

North Renous
If the water was 3 to 4 inches higher it would have been great.

Next job was carry Kayak approx. 1.5 km finally got to N. Renous. Beautiful!! Thought I was at Sheppards Pool figured out later we were quite a bit higher up. We all got wet within first 1km. Had to walk kayaks through some of upper stretches. I had estimated 2 to 3 hrs for 10 miles of river, we were 7 hrs. I never back paddled or ferried so much in my life. If the water was 3 to 4 inches higher it would have been great. I searched long and hard for somebody that had done this river.

North Renous
Long stretches of white water on the North Renous.

A friend of mine who has done it twice by poling his canoe told me he didn't figure it could be paddled. Now I've done it in a kayak I would have to almost agree.

marknrenous (38K)
My buddy Mark Bolden on the North Renous.

I must tip my hat to you and your paddling partner the only other persons I've found to run this river. You guys certainly have my respect managing to paddle a canoe through that rock infested gorge. Thanks for the info. I'm glad I finally got to do it. I had a blast! One of my buddies said there could have been 15 Moose dancing on the shore and he would not have seen them for there is no chance to take your eyes off the river.

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Craig Wilson

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