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   Tales of Gorby Gulch
by Chuck

Chuck, you are very familiar with the Gorby Gulch woods. I'd sure love to hear a tale or two.

Hi Nanook!

My father and I lease the Gorby Gulch camp. Dad has been a partner in this camp since its inception in 1958. In the early 1980's a friend and I took an interest in scouting, canoeing, fishing, hunting, ATVing this region from the Clearwater, the Southwest Branch of the Miramichi to the Napadogan, Lower Nashwaak Lake, Narrows Mountain and Miramichi Lake.

Gorby Gulch Bridge, Nashwaak)
View from the Gorby Gulch bridge

Your trip from the outlet at the Upper Nashwaak Lake to Barker Dam and then Gorby Gulch was exactly like a few trips we made through these alders. There is a short cut to the deadwaters that are only downstream a few hundred feet from the Upper Nashwaak outlet, we only did the alder run twice, "the first time and the last time", after that we took the small trail next to the river to the first deadwater.

Yes, it would be one hell of a ride from the Upper Nashwaak lake to Gorby Gulch in this high water, especially at the first big drop, a small falls at what we call Deep Hole and then soon after the deadwater at East brook and then the slide through the "old Barker dam". Mrs. Grant from the Main Southwest Miramichi, Fred (2nd) Grant's Mother, told me that the old Dam went in in the 1930's and then was upgraded in the 1950's. Many of the men that worked on this dam came in from Howard Brook, Cloverdale or the back country of Hartland, via the Doughboy Lakes and Black Spruce Mt.

Chuck, we just had 70mm of rain in one day up there this week, and the Nashwaak is over flood level. I hope the camps up there aren't damaged.

Usually Old Doc's camp needs an ice jam to damage it, might get wet though! Ice did give it a hard time here about five years ago. My dad who is now 84, used to hunt this area in the mid-50's, before they got the camp lease upriver.

Riverside cabin on the Nashwaak

There was a Fire Warden camp on the old road above McBean Brook across from Narrows Mt. The fire wardens would cross the river with a boat on a rope and climb the mountain to the tower. There also was an old camp downriver (100 yds) but right alongside the road called the Governor's camp. Dad stayed there. Dad's group came in at Fredericksburg, off the Royal Road, across the Grand John, by the Lower Lake, and one of the steepest hills in this area, by the Hayden Brook, McBean Br, Chaney Lakes, Narrows Mt. All of 22 miles from Fredericksburg to Gorby Gulch -- three solid hours and several watering holes.

Nashwaak River
Summertime low water on the Nashwaak.

Every year my dad and I still go up the old Nashwaak road from the Company (Napadogan-Nackawick) road to Gorby Gulch, during the third week of hunting season, after Remembrance day. Dad Flew in World War II.

This portion of the Nashwaak is the most scenic and nicest stretch of river in the province to be able to drive adjacent to the river for such a long run. In the early 80's a friend and I would take our old 340s and tow sleds with fuel and grub along this route. Before they cut a lot of the countryside and introduced new roads, there was a complete system of old canopy-type woods roads all through the Nashwaak, and West Brook. But now it is a maze of big log hauling roads and clear cuts that ate up all the fantastic exploring timber country that small sleds and 3 wheel atvs could handle. Oh well.

There is a lot of history associated with this neck of the woods, river drives, fire wardens camps and fire towers at Narrows Mountain, fishing camps. Do you know of any one who has written a history of this area?

 Chuck Everett 
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Thanks, Chuck. I know for sure this neck of the woods fascinates me.

campfire tales    Biff, Lori and I thought we were in a warzone when we went canoeing under fire on the Rockwell Stream.
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