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      Bob Zinck on the Little Tobique

Here's a letter from Bob Zinck about the Little Tobique:

Just got off a 2 day trip down the Little Tobique (May 29 and 30). Did the whole thing plus a wee bit more. If you want a real treat try it. It'll take 2 days to allow for some fishing and campfire stuff. Better be ready to paddle. It's not a beer drinking drifting river. There was no traffic. Met only 1 other group (who left a messy campsite). If you start from Mount Carleton as we did, be ready for some scraping and bumpimg. If there's not a whole lot of rain soon you'd better put in further on. I've got lots of tips for those who plan to go. Be glad to answer any of your questions. It was an idyllic trip on a great river.

Bob Zinck
Plaster Rock, N.B.

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