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      Upsalquitch River Trip Report  by Nicholas Guitard


What a RIVER. We had plenty of water, sun and rest. The best part was very few bugs. We had two canoes and a kayak, plenty of grub, plenty of enthusiasm and just enough spirit (both kinds) to enjoy the panoramic scenery.

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We had an outfitter drive us into the Northwest Branch at the 10 mile. We wanted to get in at the 25 mile, but the Whites Brook road is in very bad shape. We entered the river at 10:30 am on Friday and landed at the rafting grounds in Robinsonville on Sunday at 10:30 am. As you can tell we were in no hurry. This trip was very relaxing and rejuvenating for the group. Early Saturday morning, 4:30 am, our campsite (2 mile pool), was visited by a moose. This was very exciting as she/he? made its way around our tents and gear until one brave soul chased it away by banging on a stew pot. We saw lots of ducks, moose and evidence of deer, bear and beaver. The sheer number of salmon pools, the clear high water and high mountains added up to a wonderful weekend.

The group all agreed, that we are very fortunate and lucky to have such a beautiful river for our use and that we must continue to preserve areas such as the Upsalquitch, "Little River."

I can see why you consider it your favorite river.

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