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   Upsalquitch River Trip Report
     Text and photos by Linda Mann

Upsalquitch River
Thanksgiving 2005, just below Legacy bridge, approximately 3 Mi on N.W. Upsalquitch

Upsalquitch River
Thanksgiving 2005, bend in river, approx 2.5 Mi N.W. Upsalquitch.

Upsalquitch River
Thanksgiving 2005, approx 1.5 Mi N.W. Upsalquitch. We've camped on the beach on the left and the river narrows to about 10 feet or so in the summer, the river's waves sound great when you are trying to fall asleep.

Upsalquitch River
Thanksgiving 2005, taken at The Forks, shows the mouth of the S.E. Upsalquitch meeting the N.W. Upsalquitch to form the main Upsalquitch.

Upsalquitch River
Thanksgiving 2005, taken at the start of what we call "Long Lookum" because it is a mile straight and if the wind is in your face takes FOREVER for you to paddle this stretch. It is located just before the start of Two Brooks fishing camp's water. This is on the main Upsalquitch.

Thanksgiving 2005, taken on the Berry Brook stretch of water. It is the rock cliff that rises up just past the mouth of Berry Brook. The view from the top is amazing (I've climbed it once in my youth) and I've always pictured it as a great dinosaur back.

Upsalquitch River
Victoria Day weekend 2005, this is taken somewhere after 25 Mile on the N.W. Upsalquitch, but I don't know where as this was my first trip this far up the river.
Upsalquitch River
Victoria Day weekend 2005, this is taken at the holding pool at the 10 Mile N.W. Upsalquitch. The nets have all been taken out for the winter but would be located where you see the pole by the river bank, just above the tree that is lying down.

Upsalquitch River
Victoria Day weekend 2005, taken just below the Two Brooks camp, just showing a 26 ft motor boat used for fishing in the summer.
Upsalquitch River
End of August 2005, this is taken from the Upsalquitch River Bridge, in village of Upsalquitch, looking downriver.

Upsalquitch River
End of August 2005, taken across the road from Meadow Brook, just about what we call "The Falls" (not the Boland Brook falls though which are upriver much further).

Upsalquitch River
End of August 2005, taken from the old INR Railway bridge, which is now part of the walking trail in NB. This is looking down river, and you can see Squaw Cap Mountain, as well as Slate Mountain in the distance.

Upsalquitch River
End of August 2005, taken from a place called "The Rock" (located in Upsalquitch) and it is looking upriver. The name of the salmon pool is Doubloon (as in Spanish Doubloon but I'm not sure how it got the name).

Upsalquitch River
End of August 2005, Doubloon again, but this time looking downriver.

Hello all. I managed my second trip of the year on Thanksgiving weekend. We put in at Craven's Gulch (Legacy's bridge) on the Northwest Upsalquitch via White's Brook Road. The trip in was great. Anybody could manage it, even with a car. It was my first fall trip and I really enjoyed it. The leaves were a little past their fall prime, but spectacular none the less. The river was high thanks to recent rains, however, other than a sprinkle, we had an overcast, but dry run. Those included were my Mom, Kathy, my neice, Nicolle, and a black Lab, Lady and my Golden Retriever, Hayley.

We managed to stay in a camp for the night we camped over; I was a wuss and decided we should sleep indoors. It was quite comfortable though and the view from the camp was amazing. The next day was not a long float either, but peaceful, as I looked out at the familiar sights of my river, which I had not seen since the Victoria Day Weekend in May (due to the fact that there was no water in the river all summer and I was stuck in PEI with no vacation time).

We managed to see a cow moose lying in the water, who watched us pass and only went up the bank after we had floated past (not enough time to get the camera out of the pocket to take a pic though). Hayley also jumped out of the boat at Boland Brook falls when we scraped a ridge of ledge. She hates the noise and sensation under her feet when we rub rocks, so she bailed out into the water and we made her swim until the end of the rough water. She had a wet, cold trip the rest of the way home, which was about an hour and a half.

As we floated through the village of Upsalquitch to our takeout just past the bridge, cars kept stopping and waving at us, surprised to see a canoe that late in the year (or perhaps they were liking my lovely Alpaca wool hat and mittens). Just as we got to shore (and just across the road and up the hill was our house) it started to rain, so we loaded everything quickly into the truck and up to the house to a toasty warm wood fire (complete with a meal of leftover hotdogs).

 Linda Mann 

Thank you, Linda, for the trip report and the excellent photos.

Linda Mann!

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