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   Face-plant on the White River

It happened on the White River in Vermont. I was chillin' on the shore with my buddies Scooter and Hal, when the stern of my boat started to slide down a narrow side channel of the main flow. I started to work my way out of the current that was pulling me down the chute, when Hal reached out with his pole and nudged me back into it. You can see his pole poking my boat at the very start of the vid.

Paddle hard as I might, I couldn't get my boat free. I tried to get out of my boat at the last second, but as you see, I flipped and did a face-plant. Scooter and Hal weren't much help, they were having a great cackle at my expense, that's Scooter holding the camera and chuckling big-time. At least Hal came over and helped me free my boat from its pinning situation. All's well that ends well.

White River
Springtime paddling, White River, Vermont

Oh yeah, sorry about the f-bomb at the beginning. Everybody's got a video cam these days, you gotta watch what you say and do.

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