bbcanoe (6K) Kedgwick River

aaronarpinken (198K)
All the rivers in southern New Brunswick were too low, so we went north to the Kedgwick. Our outfitter, M. Arpin, took us to Camp 16 up in Quebec, the highest (and most expensive) put-in point roads led to.

meturn (124K)
The shuttle is long and, I daresay, expensive, but in for a penny, in for a pound. We stated at Camp 16 in Québec, and ran over four leisurely days to our outfitter's base where the Kedgwick meets the Little Main Restigouche. The river ran quick and steady, with no sweepers and frequent yet easy rapids.

I made only one carry, around the North Branch Falls. Aaron, being a more skilled paddler than I, ran the Falls no problem ... he only grabbed the gunwales at the start. Despite being told by the outfitter that the carry was river left, we found the portage trail on river right.

kedghill (73K)
The scenery was awesome, we enjoyed the play of the sun against the many-shaded green cliffs of the canyons all the way down. The bright aspen, birch and poplar waved in the breeze against the dark green background of the spruce and pine, offering a new vivid tableau at every bend of the stream.

campsite (106K)
We camped beside the river the first two nights, and were glad we had pads to soften the rocky soils. There was always wood in riverside drift piles. The site on the third night included a shelter, picnic table, a freshly-mowed lawn and a clean outhouse.

clouds (81K)
We enjoyed perfect weather. There were almost no blood-sucking insects, hard to believe for the first week of June.

falls (102K)
This waterfall is on a tributary only a few miles upstream from the takeout on river right. To see it, hike a short distance from the wonderful campsite found up a short ladder by the stream's confluence with the Kedgwick.

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