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The Ballad of Alderboy

Doug Doremus
Doug Doremus, aka Scooter, Jumbo Shrimp, Alderboy

When the logs are thick and tangled,
alders in the rocks are mangled,
current churning through the jam,
that's where Alderboy will glam.

He's first to dive into the maw
where stump and branch reach out and claw.
He dances on the bobbing wood,
takes a chance where no one should.

He pirouettes from log to stump.
Hold your breath and watch him jump.
He'll thrash and dash, twist and spin,
and flash his wide and toothy grin.

He prances on the pile's peak.
Hear the branches squeak and tweak.
He reaches out to grab a boat
and guides it through so we can float.

And when our boats are safely through,
Alderboy breaks out the brew.
He says, "I hardly broke a sweat.
There ain't no jam that's beat me yet."

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treesnag (67K)
Alderboy straddles a downed tree to guide our boats through a jam on the Machias in Maine.

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