Nanook's Paddling Poetry     Nanook's Paddling Poetry
   Paddling Season

Keswick River, New Brunswick
Willie and Hugh, early in the season on the Keswick

There was a time when I was keen
to be the first one on the stream
when the snow reached up my shanks
and the ice still rimmed the banks.

I'd venture out in hail and sleet
and suffer cherry-frozen feet.
It bothered me not in the least
when storms rolled in from the nor'east.

Yes, there were some sunny days
when we were blessed with warming rays
and rivers running fast and blue
through forests clad in verdant hue.

But I guess I've gotten old.
Let's wait and see what June will hold.
I'm hoping that the late Spring rains
will fill the streams with warm wave trains.

I've said this now for many years,
but when paddling season nears,
I always get that Spring attack.
See if you can hold me back!

 Nanook of the Nashwaak
 Reach out and touch a rock

April on the Keswick River

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