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I will live on

Wait for spring on the Nepisiguit!
bluehill_summer (42K)
Nepisiguit River, June 9, once upon a time. Perfect weather.
bluehill_winter (30K)
Nepisiguit River
May 20, another time. Snow, rain, cold winds blow.

We are but travelers drifting by
on the endless flow of time.
The rocks, the trees, the stream, the sky
must pass, no matter how sublime.

The swirling wake behind the blade
dwindles in a trice.
The campfire ring beneath the glade
Swept clean by freshet's ice.

Will we move on without a trace
to show that we were here?
Will no one know our voice, our face,
year after passing year?

Yet I know I will live on
long after my life goes.
Though no one mourn me when I'm gone
I know the river knows.

 Nanook of the Nashwaak
 Reach out and touch a rock

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Gabriel Acquin
Gabriel Acquin
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