Nanook's Paddling Poetry     Nanook's Paddling Poetry
   When I'm on the water

When I'm on the water

When I'm on the water
I dream of days of yore,
of river son and daughter
who've come this way before.

Hawk and sparrow soar and twirl
in the morning mist.
Micmac boy and Maliseet girl,
Spring's eternal tryst.

Drive your timber to the weir,
Lumberjack Pierre.
Hunter, stalk the furtive deer,
Trapper, set your snare.

Fishin' in the holler,
ketchin'any caller.
Salmon line a-casting,
serene and everlasting.

River's daughters, river's sons,
no twist of fate can sever.
The river is a thread that runs
through all our lives forever.

 Nanook of the Nashwaak 
 Reach out and touch a rock 

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I dreamt the dream again last night

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