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   Sam Peabody

Hear Sam Peabody's call here!

It's time again to say so long,
my dear old friend Sam Peabody.
I'll miss your sweet and wistful song,
at dusk and dawn in the north country.

The leaves have turned to red and gold,
and snow and ice are in the air.
I know you can't abide the cold,
when winds blow cruel in winter's lair.

When days grow long and fair breeze blows,
and winter's grip gives way to spring,
I'll brew my tea as sunset glows
and fades to nightfall while you sing.

You'll always be a friend of mine,
deep in the land of rock and tree.
You'll sing your song and ease my mind,
Old Peabody, Sam Peabody, Peabody.

 Nanook of the Nashwaak 
 Reach out and touch a rock 

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