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Sometimes the river gods work in mysterious ways. Scooter thought he had everything he needed for the trip on the Machias Lakes, but when we set up camp on Fifth Lake, he realized he had forgotten a folding chair. That's when the river gods shone down on Scooter. Hal was rummaging through the brush behind the shore looking for wood, when he found a sweet green polyethylene lawn chair.
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Both he and Hal shared a laugh and a sigh of relief, and Scooter sat down to relax and enjoy the sunset. Scooter left the chair at the site, not wanting to abuse the river gods. Perhaps another needy soul will benefit the next time.

O River Gods, please hear the plea
I put to you respectfully.
Bring to life my fondest dreams
as I wander on your streams.

A gentle rain late in the night,
to keep the water high.
A sun that shines with golden light,
to keep me warm and dry.

An alder run with channels clear
as I float along.
Birds perching in the branches near
as they sing their song.

A glimpse of playful otter,
eagle soaring in the sky.
Moose majestic in the water
as I paddle softly by.

A cozy fire with cheery friends
in a long-forgotten place.
A puff of wind now and again
to fan the smoke from my face.

A bug-free night in early June,
starlight on the water.
A rising sunlit-bright new moon,
a dance with a Moonbeam daughter.

O River Gods, I pray again.
For all these things I've lusted.
Yet I fear I pray in vain.
I know you can't be trusted.

 Nanook of the Nashwaak 
 Reach out and touch a rock 

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Squeaking by the sweeper thanks to the river gods

Tales of the North Woods

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