River Poetry     Nanook's River Poetry
River of Dreams

I feel like I'm replaying
a fading memory
of sun-lit scenes portraying
a stream that used to be.


Was it not so long ago
We lingered by its banks?
Saw moose and deer and otter go?
Geese honk on high in ranks?

The stream was small and intimate.
It had no need to hurry.
Brook and rill flowed into it
with neither care nor worry.

Trout lay under bobbing branch
of the sheltering alder
teasing with their darting dance.
'A panfull's all we're after.'

Our river waits once more for us
in a springtime forest.
Birds will flit and soar for us
singing in sweet chorus.

Nature will unfold for us
on our tranquil stream.
Peace of mind untold for us
as we relive our dream.

 Nanook of the Nashwaak
 Reach out and touch a rock

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