Nanook's Paddling Poetry     Nanook's Paddling Poetry
   Stony Wood Stream

Autumn on the Dungarvon
Autumn on the Dungarvon

my stream of strange enchantment
runs deep in stony wood
a rill on whose embankment
no mortal yet has stood

antlered dancers grace the greensward
zephyr rustles in the leaves
sylvan serenade of songbird
sways along the summer breeze

rocks all smooth and gently rounded
part the waves before my boat
fears of foundering ungrounded
sweetly down the stream I float

from the meadow leads a trail
onward, upward, to the crest
from here I see my sheltered vale
send its waters to the west

to land's last edge I raise my gaze
as sunset's rays my wood adorn
sky and stream meld in the haze
to dream with me until the morn

 Nanook of the Nashwaak 
 Reach out and touch a rock 

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Burnt Hill Brook at Miramichi
Burnt Hill Brook at Miramichi

Paddler's Nightmare

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