Nanook's Paddling Poetry     Nanook's Paddling Poetry
   Time is the Tillerman

Around the bend on the Nepisiguit

Time is the Tillerman
on the stream of destiny,
steering the ship of fate
to the sea of eternity.

Moments are stepping-stones
in the flow of entropy,
eddies in the restless river
rushing to infinity.

Galaxies crash.
Asteroids smash.
Worlds in constant collision.
Yet small or great,
all must dissipate
to final disposition.

When Sun's ball of gas
bursts apart at last,
river's last drop
runs to the sea,

when all hearts are at rest,
fulfilled each last request,
then time will stop
for you and me.

 Nanook of the Nashwaak 
 Reach out and touch a rock

Gaspereau River

Click here to hear Nanook recite this poem.

River Bend

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