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   Tiny Rivers

Nanook1 (40K)
North Branch Rusagonis

Tiny rivers --- intertwine
make me grab my paddle
make me loop my line
Tiny rivers --- make me glow all over
with a feeling that I'm going to run them till the end of time.

Tiny rivers --- in the pines
mingle and meander
squiggly wiggly lines
Tiny rivers --- flow through fields of clover
with a feeling that unless I run them, I will lose my mind.

Tiny rivers --- sweet and fine
ripple through the backwoods
cross the county line
Tiny rivers --- make me paddle all over
with a feeling that I'm going to find the one that I can call mine.

 Nanook of the Nashwaak 
 Reach out and touch a rock

Hear Laurie Winter sing this song.

tinyriver (58K)
Miramichi country
Pic by Biff Mitchell

Unknown Creek

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