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I touched a rock for you today

I touched a rock for you today
on the gently flowing Tay.
The smooth and round conglomerate
will always have your name on it.

piskrock1 (15K)
Piskahegan Stream, one day
piskrock2 (17K)
Piskahegan Stream, another day

I touched a rock in a ragged pitch
of the Northwest Upsalquitch,
a stone to bear a witness true
of all the trips I took with you.

Another rock was touched by me
for you this spring on the Miramichi,
a granite boulder seated firm
to part the waves till we return.

I reached out and deftly hit
a rock on the Nepisiguit,
a sentinel to stand until
our paddles once more ply this rill.

The Piskehegan's granite glade
felt the light touch of my blade.
The mark will never disappear,
my sign to show Nanook was here.

I touched a rock in the frothy sluice
of the rippling North Renous.
My touch will last till end of time
as long as poems and poets rhyme.

Though waters flow beneath the bridge
and seasons follow on the ridge,
I'll wait for you down by the shore
and we'll run the stream once more.

 Nanook of the Nashwaak
 Reach out and touch a rock

Click here to hear Nanook recite this poem.

bhken (118K)
Miramichi River

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