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Guage: Blackville

3.1 big water all the way from mckeil to rocky brook. huge standing waves.
1.8 esspeegee says, "The water was perfect.."
1.5 NRGotN says, "1.5 is great, the rapids are long and the rocks are covered but not drowned out. We were able to scrape over whenever we did hit a rock in the fast water."
2.2 NRGotN says, "We had to skirt the wave trains and dodge the ledges and holes in our loaded boat, the rapids were massive. Took a sneak route on the right thru Burnt Hill, still almost swamped, but made it to shore. Exciting, but I would prefer 1.5 or so."
1.8 Tom says, "I would say 1.5 is probably the lower limit."
1.25 Carm says, "Very scratchy going with loaded canoe; lots of rocks everywhere."

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River level reports

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