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Guage: Middle River

1 to 1.5 High water, excellent paddling. I'm not sure this guage reflects the upper Nepisiguit, though.
You might call the dam at 546 2519 to find out how much water they are releasing over the spillway. I don't have data to make a call what level might be good, though.
Between .9 and 1.0 Tickles says, "Our boats are all just under 13'. Water I would say was too low between Bathurst Lake and Popple Depot for canoes but after that you probably could make it. We still did some scraping in some place with our kayaks though."
0.88 Rob said: "(8 12' kayaks and a 17' Old Town Canoe) - mainly steering, good pace, a few bumps if not paying attention, otherwise, no issues, enough water for everyone. Had tailwind of about 30km. Got across Bathurst, Camp and Teneriffe Lakes in about an hour (not counting stops)"
1.28 to 1.06 BrendanC said: "We canoed from Bathurst Lake to the lower side of Indian Falls and the water level was a perfect average. Not too high, not too low. Total paddle time was about 16 hours. We ran the upper part of Indian Falls and most boats made it through. Only 2 out of 11 boats ran the lower part of Indian Falls and both swamped hard. There's a nice go-pro in the lower pool for whoever wants to look for it!"

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River level reports
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