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Guage: Kedgwick River

1.1 Tom says, "1.1 m at Kedgwick River gauge is as low as I would go, only had to drag a few times,
1.6 Tom says, 1.6 is fast and fun with some really big waves in places."
1.28 m Carm says, "based on below Kedgwick station, 1.28 m is fine, only scratching taking place due to inattentiveness."
0.95 Dwight C. says, "We put in the Restigouche at Downs Gulch on July 22/2012 and motored down to Red Bank. A few bumps along the way but not too bad if youíre careful. Water level at the site below Kedgwick river was 0.95 and dropping. Got some rain on the 24th but level didnít rise until the 25th. Coming back up was okay, (didnít have to get out of the boat but had to pick youíre route wisely). Not the best level if you donít want any scrapes or bumps, but manageable."

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River level reports

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