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St. Croix

Gauge: American Whitewater

Godfreyk says,"It should be flowing at least around 800 to 1000. 1100 at the dam at Vanceboro is a really good level to go down."

Tom says, "St Croix - 600 to 700 is still ok, just a few more rocks to avoid, no dragging."
Jamie says, "Water gauge has the river at 749, wasn't an over abundance of water but enough."
1600 cfs Espeegee says, "St. Croix at 1600 cfs is fun and easy for anyone who is even relatively comfy in a boat. Big waves and no rocks.

Jamie says,"Anything over 450 is runnable, scratchy at that rate but still enough to get it done."

Darrell says:"350 at the Dam is a bit of a grind. Section from the Park to Loon Bay requires attention. We went down a couple of times at 2000f/s. Able to paddle around back of Pine Island (nice little drop but beware you will be in 'Merica.) Little Falls was washed out and we could go over Canoose just about anywhere."

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River level reports
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