campfire tales Nanook's Campfire Tales
Bartholomew River Sunburn Blues
by Allie Jewett
 as told to Nanook of the Nashwaak

Sometimes you get lucky, and get to hear a tale told by a wise sport who was there back in the day, when legends were made. Now's the time to sit back and see it like it once was, when boaters braved the streams and lived old-time adventures. Perhaps you may learn as they tell their story and impart their wisdom.

Allie Jewett
Allie Jewett says, "It happened a few years ago, but I remember my trip on the Bartholomew just like it was yesterday."

Allie Jewett began:

"I remember once back on the Bartholomew when Buddy and I set off in our two-man boat for a day trip. We got dropped off early that day, as far up the river as folks usually go, and we had some beer to enjoy during our float. Our shuttle driver would pick us up at the end of the day at a certain bridge downriver.

"Well, it wasn't too long before we flipped our boat and got wet. We managed to hold onto her --- the water was low --- and we pulled her up to an island and decided to relax and dry out.

"So I remember it was a hazy day, not cold, but not direct warm sunshine either.

bushwhacking (62K)
Bush-whacking on the Bartholomew

"I kept my wet pants on, and lay down to warm up in the sunshine, such as it was. There was a patch between my pant's cuff and my socks that was open to the world.

"So didn't I fall asleep in the sun. I woke up several hours later. My ankle and lower calf were beet red and sore to the touch, a five-alarm burn.

"My buddy had taken his wet trousers right off, and exposed his lily-white legs to the morning sun. His misery upon awaking was exquisite. He had trouble just thinking about moving, he was so badly burnt.

01 (60K)
Laurie demonstrates on the Bartholomew the ancient art of steering the canoe with one's mind.

"That wasn't the worst of it either. We had three more hours to make it to the take-out. Notice I didn't say paddle, the water was so low that we had to walk and push our boat the whole way to the truck at the take-out."

Thanks, Allie, I hope to learn from this episode. I can't wait for your next tale.

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