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Hey, it's been a gorgeous day on the river, we've come this far safe, sound and happy once again. Biff, that old pyromaniac, has got a roaring fire ablaze. Let's everybody get fixed up with a nice cool drink, and draw near for some of those tall tales we all like to spin around the campfire.

Postcard of Sevogle
Running the Rapids, North Sevogle River

Scooter and I relax fireside by the East Penobscot, Maine
Scooter and I tell tales by the fire
on the East Penobscot, Maine

Biff and Nanook
Biff and Nanook at the junction of the Don and the Dee, Tobique River.

If you, gentle surfer, have a tale to tell, come on in to the campfire. We'll listen.

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campfire tales


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