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Shuttle Shuffle on the St. Croix
 by Sammy Solo

On June 13 (a Friday), we camped at Rocky Point on the upper part of the St Crox by driving in and tenting. Great "easy spot" to camp - free! On Saturday June 14 we ran from Vanceboro back to Rocky Point.

Rain! But the River was running at 2,400 cubic feet per second - 5 times the usual level for June. At 3,000 cf/s there are stories of 6 foot standing waves at Haycock Rips but sadly this was lower than we were going.

Evan Young at Little Falls

We were only on the River 4 hours and there was no need to paddle hard. That distance was a 5-6 hour trip at other times.

We were two couples and the girls were wearing neoprene gloves but they were still chilled at times. On the positive side this event has changed a few things. All those unheeded warnings of "you can't wear a jogging suit under your rain gear" were recalled when the girls stripped off the wet cotton and suddenly found themselves warm. Imagine that!

We camped Friday nite at Rocky Point and Saturday a.m. left our tents and a very limited amount of gear at the site. Arrangements were made for the VW to be shuttled down during the day.

BUT when we arrived at our riverside camp site there was no VW. The outfitter f-ed up and put the VW at another takeout!! It was looking interesting as four wet people considered what to do with no dry clothes, two dry sleeping bags and one dry tent. I was thinking Deliverance but with females.

We had a cell phone and it took two calls but we found a place to stand where we could talk to the outfitter and she told us the VW was placed one take-out below our location. So I got a fire going and then soloed down to get the VW and the dry gear.

I will always wonder where "four wet people, no dry clothes, two dry sleeping bags and one dry tent" could have led.

We must live in hope or at least in wonder.

Check out Sammy's historic crossing of the Maliseet Trail.

campfire tales     This is a sad story about an innocent young maiden in rural New Brunswick who was traumatized, perhaps forever, by a group of canoeists.
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