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poetry award
This artwork was awarded to me by the Brantford, Ontario community for this poem.

Paddles clutched in anxious grip,
you've been here before.
A thin black line before you slip
  into the rapid's roar.

Glide up to the threshold,
cross the eddy line.
Feel the river's power unfold
  as boat and stream entwine.

Knees braced against the tumblehome,
neck craned to spy the spot.
Graze the granite, ride the foam,
  line up for the slot.

Climb the pulsing haystack,
skirt the gaping hole.
Keep it on an even track,
  don't give up control.

Rocks rear up from nowhere
right before your eyes.
Use your paddle, keep her fair,
  or surely you'll capsize.

Part the waves and pass them by,
glide into the pool.
Thrust your paddle to the sky,
  you are the man, you rule.

Again you cheat the river gods,
slip through rock garden's gates.
Prepare anew to brave the odds,
  ahead, the next one waits.

 siggy (13K)
 Reach out and touch a rock

Click here to hear Nanook recite this poem.

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