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It's been too long

Miramichi River
Burnt Hill Brook at Miramichi

It's been too long since last I fled
the concrete waste and faceless crowd.
Same ole, same ole fills me with dread.
The rat race stifles me like a shroud.

I count the days until I'm free
to shuck the coil of bureaucracy.
I'll turn my back on the great debate,
regain control of my life and my fate.

I'll wander with the winding wayward waters
and look for the long-lost center of my soul.
I'll dance in the moonlight with the sweet Moonbeam daughters
and stalk the elusive woodland mountain troll.

I'll follow the forlorn leaf that falls
to be at peace with the earth again.
I'll linger by the lake where the lone loon calls
for his mate in the mist of the morning rain.

I'll wistfully watch as soft white clouds tumble
off green-clad cliffs into shocking blue sky.
I'll one-thousand-one for black thunder's rumble
as shafts of neon dance and flash on high.

I'll trace the hidden trails that man and time forgot
but which you and I from childhood still remember.
I can't possibly get lost, they all meet at the spot
where the forest dons its brilliant cloak of September.

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