River Poetry     Nanook's River Poetry
If I could go with you

Nictau Lake
Nictau Lake, New Brunswick Archives

If I could go with you
on your lake of glass,
I couldn't bear to tell you
what will come to pass.

Your forest spreads unchecked,
a pristine realm of wonder.
My forest has been wrecked,
its wealth is rent asunder.

Your rivers teem with salmon,
run free unto the seas.
My rivers choke from damming,
the salmon, memories.

You trace the natives' ancient trails,
share in their dignity.
I wait in vain to hear their tales,
their vanished history.

Your trail is long, your goal unknown,
you have no need to hurry.
My trail is short, I am a clone,
in concrete maze I scurry.

It's best you stay back in your past,
set off alone without me.
And when at night my dreams I cast,
your world is all about me.

 siggy (13K)
 Reach out and touch a rock

Mi'kmac canoers
Your trail is long, your goal unknown,
you have no need to hurry.

speaker (1K)Hear Nanook recite this poem.

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