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    River Bend

Nepisiguit River
Indian Falls, Nepisiguit River

I never feel as much at home
as on a nameless river bend
free to wander free to roam
on a stream that has no end

I never feel as much alive
as when I near the rapid's throat
as currents criss-cross and contrive
to crush my tiny fragile boat

Never do I feel so free
as when my fate depends alone
on whether I can skirt the stone
looming large in front of me

I never feel as much at peace
as with my friends close by the fire
all my worldly cares release
watch the moon rise ever higher

I feel it pulsing in my veins
the longing to push off the shore
long as I know there remains
an unknown river to explore

 siggy (13K)
 Reach out and touch a rock

poised_in_pool (33K)
Mike Grant, Eel River

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