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The Portobello Stream is an extension of the Grand Lake Meadows. It has little current, yet is navigable in all but the driest of summers. To get there, turn onto Church Street just past the north end of the Burton Bridge on Route 105. Stay left, drive by the cranberry bog on the right.

Portobello Stream
The access to the stream is via the intake channel to the cranberry bog. It takes about five minutes to get to the main stream. The road is too rough to try for the bridge over the stream a bit farther out, the ATVs have turned it into a mudbog.

porto4 (45K)
This is a typical view on the stream, at least in fall. The stream is wide and deep, placid and quiet. But yes, it can get shallow in a dry spell.

porto1 (59K)
We didn't go downstream. The Portobello connects with Grand Lake via several smaller lakes, and you can also access the Noonan Stream by going down from here.

porto8 (34K)
Paddling upstream will bring you to the juncture of the stream and Rush Lake. The stream actually enters here on the right.

porto2 (41K)
This beaver lodge abuts the stream a few hundred metres above Rush Lake.

porto3 (43K)
Lily pad heaven

portobello stream
Looking upstream from the beaver lodge. We didn't go any further, I'm sure one could go a long ways yet.

This would be a fine stream for a sea kayak, or a canoe, if you are seeking a tranquil paddle. You could explore for days. There are some stretches of high ground on the north bank, but I don't know whether tenting overnight is a valid option. Depends on your desires and ingenuity, I guess.

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