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Guage: Blackville

1.4 Owl says, "The water level was just enough and I mean "just".
1.2 Josh says, "Four of us paddled the Cains from Rt. 123 to Blackville (taking out at the municipal park) on June 6 to June 8, 2008. This was primarily a fishing trip. First off, this is a beautiful stretch of river and has no significant rapids at this time. Perfect for paddlers just starting out or those that just want to float and enjoy the view. I am certain that the bow man in Canoe B (as we call them) never even touched a paddle!"
1.36 to 1.2 Grant says, "A friend and I ran the Cains from the Grand Lake Rd (123 Highway) bridge down to the municipal park in Blackville. The gauge in Blackville was at 1.36 on the first day and dropped to 1.2 on the second. Plenty of water, I don't think we scraped once."
Bantalor to Rte. 123
2.1 NRGotN says, "Lots of water on this gentle stream. Still, there are shoals here and there, so keep to the deeper channel."

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