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South Tay Creek

Guage: Nashwaak River @ Durham Bridge

18.18m Pete says, "If the water is at the top of the pier footing on river left it is too low. We ran it at this level a few weeks back and pushed our boats down through, didn't have to get out but you don't get a break or else you will be sitting still."

Tom says, "Don't go if below pier, 6 inches above is good, 18 inches above is a blast."
18.54m Rudi says, "Could have used another foot of water, but still very runnable."
19.16m John Smart says, "At put-in on rte 620, water was about 4"-6" over concrete footing. Most rocks covered, some only just. Quite fast running. Lovely!"
20.06m Rob M. says, " A few of us ran the South Tay in late October last year at 3 feet plus over the pier and I would describe it as a purely defensive run. Thankfully no one flipped in the upper half as canoe retrieval would have been a challenge. The extra foot of water changes this river from a casual fun run to a serious nervous run. We did flip on an eddy line right after the falls on a tight right line and went about a mile before getting the boat to shore."
19.2m Tom says, "Just enough water, lots of rock to avoid but not many big waves. About 4 inches of water on pier when we started. Caution!! There is a new channel about 1-2 km above the old fish hatchery. DO NOT TAKE THE NEW CHANNEL. The original channel makes a 90 degree right hand turn, with the new channel going straight and looks to be completely blocked by sweepers. About 3/4 of the river flow takes the new channel but there is still plenty of flow in the old channel. The remainder of the river is otherwise free and clear of debris."
20.4m Jordan F. says, "Was really pushy big water. Level was over the pier footings at the put in. Couple boats dumped including me. One tree completely across the river. Couple hairy moments but otherwise a great day!"
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River level reports
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