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Guage: Restigouche Rafting Grounds

1.15 Nicolas says, "The river was fairly low for this time of year (June 6.) Also, plenty of sweepers from the 10 mile down to the forks."
1.4 NRGotN says, "The river was at a perfect level, no scraping."
1.06 (start) to 1.02 (finish) riveraddict says, "I would not do this river any lower unless I were poling (or paddling) solo."
1.0M Rob says, "We did from 26 Mile Brook to Rafting Grounds June 9-11th, 2017 - water level was around 1.0M at RG and we were advised to NOT go (4 - 12' kayaks BTW), we did get stuck and walked 5-6 times on day one from 26 Mile to 9 Mile (the first time we all hit a shoal and stuck was when we saw our first and only black bear...ran like the wind). So yes we drug and yes we walked, but never more than 20 feet. So while not ideal, it was doable. No dangers or rapids to even think about expect Boland Brook - lots of fun! Class 2 I'd say, like stairs of rock, not sure how it'd be with higher water."
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